Guang Xin Composites Co., Ltd is a professional composite materials factory specializing in polypropylene compounds including high heat resistant/high stiffness, high impact strength and glass fiber reinforced formulations. Guang Xin also also has rheology control technology and produces a complete family of flame retardants.
To ensure product quality, Guang Xin employs high quality equipment like twin-screw extruders and low temperature underwater pelletizers coupled with a complete set of quality control equipment which is regularly calibrated to the highest industry standards in correlation with the Plastic Industry Development Center.
Based on our policy of "quality, service, innovation. "  And we offer the stable, high-quality products and dedicated service to our customers.  Our products were certificated by NSF Standard 61 certification of drinking water

Guang Xin Polymer Composites Co., Ltd

 No.588, Erzun Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 421, Taiwan
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